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Facial Approximation of The Roman Lady of Amadora. This facial approximation is part of an archaeology project called “Giving a Face to the Roman Villa”. The purpose was to give a face to an anonymous inhabitant of the Roman Villa of Quinta da Bolacha, in Amadora, Portugal. The selected individual was buried in the Roman necropolis of Moinho do Castelinho between the end of the 4th century A.D. and beginnings of the 5th A.D. The anthropological analysis concluded that this was an adult female with age at death between 35 and 45 years. The results of the genetic analysis confirmed the individual's sex and supported a genetic profile with similarities to the pre-Roman populations of the Iberian Peninsula. It also suggested that she would have intermediate skin pigmentation, light brown or blonde hair and blue eyes. The aim of this research was to bring archaeology closer to the public, to show the potential of information that can be extracted from archaeological remains, and to raise awareness of the perception of past experiences. The facial approximation was commissioned by the Câmara Municipal da Amadora, Portugal.


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