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  • Do you accept commissions?
    Yes, I do accept both Illustration and Facial Approximation (reconstruction) commissions.
  • Would you accept a commission in exchange for publicity/exposure?
    No thanks. At this time I would rather concentrate on paid projects.
  • Would you accept doing spec (speculative) work?
    No. I will not accept commissions without any guarantee that my work will be published and paid for.
  • Would you consider doing some sample sketches to see if we like your style?
    Definitely not. Please take a look at my Artfolio. I’m sure it will give you a good idea of my work style and rendering techniques.
  • Tell me more about the process of working with you.
    In short, after we discuss your project brief, and once I have a full understanding of your specific needs (time schedules, available budget, illustration style, techniques or mediums), I will elaborate a proposal. The proposal will include cost estimation and contract terms (deadlines, reproduction rights, payment schedules and installments). Once both parties have approved and signed the contract, I will start working on the preliminary art. You will be asked to revise the roughs and all edit requests should be made at this point (changes made after the approval of the final sketch may incur additional fees. Requests for starting over a completely new concept are considered a brand new artwork and it may also incur additional fees). Once the final art has been approved, an invoice will be issued. The artwork will be delivered in digital format over the Internet or CD/DVD.
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