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Tabula Rasa - Retratos de Infância (Tabula Rasa - Childhood Portraits): We are all the result of the environment in which we grew up, the accumulated experiences and the teachings and examples of those closest to us. In addition to the family, school and social environment, the cultural environment also has an impact on the formation of our character. We are marked by those who deal directly with us and equally by those we indirectly observe, read or hear. Some captivate us, others intimidate us, others are completely indifferent to us, but they all awaken feelings and thoughts in us that help us discover who we really are. To all of them I dedicate this project: the child portrait of a selection of 30 portuguese notables who had an impact on my childhood, because they were once children and in their childhood they would have been influenced by many other individuals, who were once also little boys and girls.

Portuguese notables:
Dom Carlos I · José Relvas · Salgueiro Maia · Álvaro Cunhal · Mário Soares · Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo · Francisco Sá Carneiro · Almada Negreiros · Manoel de Oliveira · António Silva · Beatriz Costa · Vasco Santana · Eunice Muñoz · João Villaret · Mário Viegas · Ary dos Santos · Natália Correia · Sophia de Mello Breyner · António Victorino d'Almeida · Amália Rodrigues · Simone de Oliveira · Zeca Afonso · José Mário Branco · Sérgio Godinho · António Variações · Lena d’Água · Eugénia Melo e Castro · José Hermano Saraiva · Vasco Granja · Júlio Isidro

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